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Industrial Disease Claims

It is the basic right of an employee to receive a clean and healthy environment for working and the duty of an employer to provide the same. In case, these expectations are not met there are can be severe ill effects on the health of the employee. We assist people in getting their claim in case they are facing the same situation.

What are Occupational diseases?
Due to constant exposure to harmful elements during the work, the employee develops certain diseases known as Occupational diseases. These are mainly caused due to the presence of harmful elements in the work environment. For instance:

  • People who work in an environment with prolonged exposure to asbestos develop diseases such as Mesothelioma, Lung cancer, Asbestosis
  • Employees working in a high noise environment often develop Hearing loss
  • Improper ventilation in welding work causes Chronic Bronchitis and respiratory diseases like Asthma

How can such conditions effect a human life?
Occupational disease is becoming an unessential but unavoidable part of modern life. Due to the negligence of employers, the employee has to suffer throughout his life. The health condition of the employee has adverse effects on him as well as his family who his dependant on him. If you are facing the same situation and fear, contact us and we will assist you in changing bad times ahead.

What will a NotJustLaw Solicitor lawyer do?
Our experts here have a different approach and strategy towards work here. One needs a person who can understand the seriousness of the condition through which a person is going and feel the same pain. We have a team of recognised approach with a good record of accomplishment. We take each case with a different approach and apply a different strategy with proper research.

Against whom do I make a claim?
It is the moral obligation of an employer to provide a healthy and safe working condition to his employees. The employer should make sure that the environment is free from harmful substances and chemicals. Availability of proper equipments to ensure safety from fire and other health hazards. If the employer is neglecting these basic steps to ensure your safety then feel free to contact us.

How much can I get as compensation?
Our aim is to work hard so that you get the maximum benefit. However, there are certain important factors that constitute the compensation such as the suffering caused by the injury, expenses incurred, loss of earnings, cost incurred for care. Our aim is to relieve you from all losses that you are facing due to the negligence of other party. Moreover, nobody likes to be in pain suffered due to injury and we try to ease your pain with the help of a good financial compensation. As compensation, you may also receive claim from state benefits such as Industrial Injuries Disablement benefits.

When is the right time to claim?
These kind of cases have a strict time limit set by the law for making a claim. In this case, one has to approach the court to submit the claim within 3 years of injury. A possible delay in this situation can lead to the loss of your right to make a claim against the other party. Therefore, it is better you take our expert advice and we will try our level best to make sure you receive the maximum compensation.





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