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Product Liability Claims

When we buy any product, we have a belief that it will be safe for us, but the fact is that many diseases and injuries occur due to defective and low quality products. As per the facts, every year several people are injured by using low quality and defective products. We as your solicitor can provide you expert advice and thus, assist you in getting claim for compensation.
Some common doubts that many people have in mind are:

When is a claim justified?
For a claim to be justified before the law, it has to be proved that you were injured because of other person’s fault. In this case, the other person will be the manufacturer or in some cases the retailer of the product that caused the injury.
As per The Consumer Protection Act, the injured individuals have the right to take action against manufacturers of the products or the retailers. The main reason behind these accidents is the faulty equipments and low quality parts used in them. Before taking any action, make sure of the following:

  • You should make sure that the same problem is reported to the manufacturer/retailer soon
  • One should have the proof of purchase such as the receipt of payment and purchase
  • If possible, do take the picture of the faulty equipment.  

It is advisable to take expert advice before taking any legal action against involved parties. Organizations like a local Trading Standards and Consumer Direct do provide practical consumer advice in such situations. NotJustLaw is a team of legal experts who can guide you easily throughout the complex procedures. So, contact us.

How much can I get as compensation?
Our aim is to work hard so that you get the maximum benefit. However, there are certain important factors that constitute the compensation such as the suffering caused by the injury, expenses incurred, loss of earnings, cost incurred for care. Our aim is to relieve you from all losses that you are facing due to the negligence of other party. Moreover, nobody likes to be in pain suffered due to unhealthy conditions and we try to ease your pain with the help of financial compensation.

What is the right time to claim?
In case of claims pertaining to personal injury there are strict time limits set by the law. In case of personal injury, one has to approach the court to submit the claim within 3 years of injury. A possible delay in this situation can lead to loosing of your right to make a claim against the other party. Therefore, it is better you take our expert advice and we will try our level best to make sure you receive the maximum compensation.










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